Gentian Extract

Gentian Extract
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The Gentianaceae Gentiana gentian, Gentiana manshurica Kitag Gentiana scabra Bge Gentiana Triflora pall, three flower gentian, Gentiana rigescens Franch Gentiana rigescens Franch. The dry roots and stems. Our country have distribution. Gentian is Gentianaceae gentian collectively and Chinese herbal medicines. Plant Gentiana in mainland China, Russia, Japan, Korea are the distribution, growing at elevations of 400 meters to 1700 meters in the area. Chinese gentian 240 a variety of, located in the southwest mountain areas around Beijing, only a few, and rhododendron, Primula collectively known as the world's three largest alpine flowers. Gentian is an important medicinal plant, its root and rhizome medicine has the functions of clearing heat, purge, frightened and effect. " Compendium of Materia Medica" records:" the bitter, astringent, cold, non-toxic. Attending interosseous fever, shock disease pathogen, continue to hurt, set the five internal organs, toxic." In addition, gentian in the game also as a weapon
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